1. Can I install artificial grass myself?

Yes. Artificial grass laying is easy. Many successful DIY installations take place each year. If you’re practically minded, you can install Bargain Grass products yourself and achieve great, professional results. And you only need basic tools. Our step-by-step artifical grass installation guide can be found here.

 2. Can artificial turf be laid on any surface?

Bargain Grass is versatile enough to be laid on just about any surface. It can be laid on soil, decking, concrete, tarmac and paving. It copes beautifully with sloping areas. It can even be laid on roof terraces and balconies

For the best results the grass needs to laid in the same direction so you are looking into the pile.

3. Can artificial grass be laid on sloping ground?

Yes.  Bargain Grass can be securely fitted to sloping ground. It follows the contours and undulations of any normal garden.

4. Does artificial turf need any maintenance?

No. You can say goodbye to your lawn mower, your lawn feed and your hosepipe. All you need to do with Bargain Grass is remove any material like leaves and dog mess.

5. Does artificial grass fade in the sunlight?

Not for a very long time. Bargain Grass keeps its beautiful colour for many years. That’s because the fibres have been UV stabilised to comply with quality standard BIN53387.

6. Is artificial grass guaranteed?

Yes. Bargain Grass guarantees all of our grasses for ten years.

7. Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

Yes, absolutely. We design our artificial grasses with safety in mind and to comply with the most stringent safety standards. They have passed hundreds of independent safety tests. Artificial grass won’t graze young skin. Some grasses in our range contain an extra fibre fill layer and thatch structure for extra soft landings.

8. How long does artificial grass last?

Artificial Grass could give you up to 20 years of maintenance-free life depending on the volume of traffic in the area. It is UV stabilised and will retain its colour and integrity season after season.

9. Does artificial grass drain like real grass?

Yes. Artificial grass is fully porous and rainwater drains through it. Independent testing confirms Bargain Grass’ artificial grass porosity to BS7044. Just like a garden with grass.

10. Is artificial grass approved by Local Authorities?

Yes. Bargain Grass grasses carry many quality and safety accreditations and is approved for use by Local Authorities. Architects often specify artificial grass for schools, recreation areas and public buildings.

11. Is artificial grass environmentally friendly?

Yes. Artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered like real grass. Even in prolonged periods of hot weather, it will stay green and lush without water. It also needs no mowing so there are no clippings to dispose of. You never need to apply potentially dangerous chemical herbicides, pesticides or feeds.

Is it right for me?

If you love grass but don’t want the mess, mud and maintenance, our artificial grass’ are perfect for you.

Gravel and paving may be practical, but only artificial grass gives you an easy-care surface with the softness, bounce and colour of real grass.

The kids and pets can play on it. You can sit out on, sunbathe on it and enjoy its lush good looks in all weathers.

No matter what’s going on, artificial grass stays beautiful 365 days a year and asks for very little in return.

Artificial grass is ideal for gardens of all sizes. Lawns large and small are green, gorgeous and maintenance-free for up to an astonishing 20 years. Our artificial grass is fully porous and drains like real grass. It’s flexible and follows the contours of your garden like real grass. But, unlike real turf, it keeps its vibrant colour right through wet weather and long, hot, dry spells. There’s no watering or feeding required so it’s kinder to the environment.